10 Places to Wild Camp In Portugal


Those who follow our adventures know that we rarely pay for camping. It’s not just the money we save, but mostly because most campsites are far from the most beautiful places. Not to mention that when we do wild camping, we are in full contact with Nature! Everyone asks, “So, but it’s not forbidden ??!” and we say, “Yeah … but you can do it anyway!”. Of all the times we did, we had “trouble” with the police twice. Both times they asked us for our i.d. and later we received a letter saying that we could pay a fine. We responded to the letter by saying that we were only enjoying nature with respect, and we ended up paying nothing. Of all the other times we were approached by the police, they realize exactly this: that we are young people who respect Nature and the freedom of others, and that we just want to spend a quiet night without annoying anyone. It is good that there is control because not everyone is like us, and our freedom ends when we disturb the freedom and well-being of others.


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1 . Alqueva, Alentejo


Alqueva remains a well-kept secret of our small country, full of charm and silence. Better than everything, near beautiful places like the Castle of Monsaraz and Mourão. Here you just need to have a bit of imagination, take a look at Google Maps, choose a dirt path that goes near the water, and put up your tent!





Monsaraz Castle:



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2 . Toco River, Fafião


Fafião is a beautiful village with incredible people in the heart of one of the most amazing places of Portugal – Gerês National Park. Right next to Fafião passes Toco river. A little crowded during August, but quiet for the rest of the year. Like almost everywhere in our Geres, you just need to go up or down the river for 5 minutes to find a little water pool without anyone to annoy you! 🙂 To spend the night there you just need to explore the area a bit around the bridge and choose the ideal place – your million stars hotel! Go have a drink at Fojo do Lobo coffee, and go and have dinner to the restaurant with the same name, amazing and cheap food.






3 . Torrão do Lameiro Beach, Aveiro


Although it is now a little better known, this beach remains an ideal place for those looking for a quiet place. The sand is huge, and next to the dunes they can always find a place to  put the tent. 


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4 . Drave, Arouca

Drave is known as the “magical village”. It was abandoned some time ago, but the scouts are recovering it and so it is the “their” village now. Being their village, it is likely that when they go there they will find them, but do not worry that there is room for everyone. About 4 km from Drave is Regoufe, where you can leave the car (yes, because there is no car access to Drave). It is a very easy, quiet walk, with no big climbs (except at the beginning). When you get to Drave, if you want to hide a little more, just follow the river. There you will find many marvelous water wells for dives, and perfect places to put up your tent 😉




IMG_7162 (2)


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5 . Samoqueira Beach, Porto Covo


Porto Covo is one of the most beautiful villages of our Alentejo, full of tradition and history. Is a obligatory stop along the Vicentina Coast route! It is also a place with a lot of tourists who like camping and camper vans (there is a campsite and a motorhome park). Unfortunately not everyone who travels by van and likes to camp is clean, and some places are dirty due to that – so lets be different and give a good example!  

Many of the beaches along the coast north of Porto Covo disappear at high tide, this beach does not. Away enough from the city to have the necessary rest, it is the perfect place to spend the night and also the day, as it has much less people than the beaches but close enough to the city. If the water is very cold you can always go for a swim to the beach of São Torpes, where the water is heated!





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6 . Açúde do Monte da Barca, Coruche


Have you heard of this place? Yeah … probably not!

But it’s a place not to be missed, believe me. Ask in the village, Foros do Rebocho, the best place to stay. You might have our luck and they may take you to private grounds with the best view of the small lake 🙂


_DSC0511 2

_DSC0548 2


7 . Paradinha Village, Arouca


Arouca and Serra da Freita are beautiful and are only now beginning to get the touristic attention that they deserve. The creation of the Passadiços do Paiva was undoubtedly a giant boom in the region. At one end of the walkthrough, near Alvarenga, is the Village of Paradinha. Recovered and with many houses to rent and also has a small river beach with plenty of space to mount the tent!



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8 . Portinho da Arrábida Beach, Sesimbra


Serra da Arrábida is a special place, no one is indifferent to seeing so much green finishing gently on such a beautiful beach with such clear water! Outside the village of Portinho da Arrábida, there is a parking lot for cars, for those who will simply spend the day at the beach, which they call Creiro’s Beach. That’s where you have to leave the car because parking is prohibited by the beach. It is easy to find where to set up the tent, just go in the opposite direction of the village and look for a clearing among the trees. Stop at the viewpoints on the road to Setúbal, over the mountain, they are amazing!!! (photo)

P.S .: prepare for a visit of wild pigs at night! Do not leave food outside and do not be afraid, they do not hurt: p

parking lot to park your car






9 . Almograve Beach Alentejo


The beach and Almograve is breathtaking! It has the cliffs to shade you and hide you from the most curious, which is great, still have natural showers: at some points on the beach there are small streams that turn into showers! It has a bathroom and at the entrance of the beach a kind of viewpoint, the ideal place to watch the sunset while preparing dinner 🙂






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10 .São Rafael Beach, Albufeira


Far enough for the craziness of Albufeira is São Rafael. During the day there are lots of people, yes, but if you are smart on the place that you choose to set up the tent, you can still sleep very well. Facing the sea, walk to the right side, and almost at the end of the beach find a place near the cliffs, not too near, but enough to have a little shade in the morning! For the more adventurous, if you follow the cliffs to the West, you will find many “private” beaches, perfect and deserted.






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Bonus – Curral do Pinhõ


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Please have respectivas for everybody, don’t do fire, its really dangerous,and if you see garbage clean it 😉


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  1. joaonascimento98 says:

    Boas, eu gostava de ir explorar essa zona, parece muito fixe e com a caminhada “obrigaria” e localização mais isolada parece o ideal pra uma boa experiência! Pelo que descreves no blog é exatamente o oposto da minha zona Sagres, daí também a minha curiosidade de ir há outra ponta do país e entrar em contato com um ambiente tao diferente do meu!

    Se poderes partilhar a localização agradeço!
    Abraço tudo de bom é bom ano

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