Insha’Allah – Lost in the Cradle of Islam

Documentary “Insha’Allah – Lost in the cradle os Islam”

A ninety minutes filme that will make your screen a posto to one of the most conservative countries in the world.

You will hitchhike with these friend along the roads of Saudi Arabia.


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“We didn’t had a plan. We had a ticket to go and ticket to return, and nothing else. We didn’t have friends waiting, no hotels booked or itinerary defined. We had some ideas, some fear and, above all, thirst for something special. The countries that we had crossed before, no matter how magical and beautiful they were, began to become a mold we were too used to. We didn’t know that we were going to hitchhike thousands of kilometers, camp in volcano craters, visit temples of forgotten peoples, dive into the Saudi counter-culture or feel so much in our chests the formation of a new place, a new mold. We felt everything and put it on video.”