Fim de semana em Quiaios

Portugal is full of hidden secrets, even for those who live here. And Quiaios is one of them. Right next to Figueira da Foz, is a perfect example of how beautiful beaches are in Portugal: its a huge desert sand beach that goes as far as the eye can see right next to Serra da Boa Viagem. The village is so quiet and peaceful that even if you spend the weekend surfing and the night drinking (as we did), you will fell relaxed in the next day. Nice surfing spot with big strong waves.





Nice boardwalk for sunset walks



We stayed 16 in this house, rented through Airbnb. It only has two bedrooms, but some of us used the living room and others the backyard to camp. Meaning that we only end up paying 4 euros each for the night!





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2 thoughts on “Fim de semana em Quiaios

  1. Incredible. The beauty of Portugal is also a secret to me. I never heard of its beautiful beaches but after taking a close look of this pictures, I decided to set it as my next travel destination. I like peaceful places with natural beauty. Thanks for sharing.

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