Travel with me to Guatemala!

Guatemala is a small country in Central America but big and beautiful enough for a 14 days (or even more) trip there! From Antigua, the old capital of the Spanish Empire, to the huge Mayan ruins of Tikal, this trip will take you to the most amazing places and hidden secrets of this magnificent country! I will take you to biggest lake, trapped  in between the warmness of the fire off three volcanoes, markets full of colors, smells and traditions, and to swim in green magical lagoons in the middle of the Mayan jungle. We will fell loved and welcomed by the people from Guatemala, the Maya and I promise you: you will never forget this adventure!

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Guatemala, where nature and history merge!

Dates to 2017:

  • 19 March to April 1


  • 29 October to 11 November


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The Experience


Day 1 and 2 | Guatemala City – Antigua:

The first day is reserved for your arrival to Guatemala City Airport, your adventure begins! Antigua, where you will spend the next nights, is 40 km away from the airport. Antigua City was founded in the sixteenth century  and was, for more than 200 years, the seat of Government of Spanish Empire of Guatemala, a region that included almost all of Central America and big part from Mexico. During the time it was inhabited, the city of Antigua suffered numerous earthquakes and the decision of abandon the city and move it to a safer locations was made and the capital moved to what is today Guatemala City.

Today, Antigua is a mix of the new and the old, the ruins and luxury, the Mayan culture and Spanish influence. It is a city where you can still see the greatness and influence of the Spanish Empire and the Catholic Church, but also its weaknesses, and is without any doubt one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the world! During these three days in Antigua, we will realize all this, explore the streets, churches, markets, squares and ruins! We will enjoy  the city fantastic view in the viewpoint , dance a little and let ourselves absorb the wonderful night spirit of the city!


Day 3  | Antigua – Lake Atitlan:

In the morning and after a good breakfast, then you get start something that will be one of best experiences of your life, but also one that will require you patience, above of everything: the journeys are long in Guatemala and hours in transport will compensate you with beautiful landscapes – trust me!! We will take a bus to Panajachel, which is four away from Antigua, and one of the main villages  Lake Atitlan were we will have the opportunity to observe one of the most breathtaking landscape of all this adventure! After cheeking in in our hostel, we will enjoy the rest of the afternoon to take some pictures, relax and, why not, a few dives in the warm lake?

Atitlan is located in the heart of the Mayan Empire and claims to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world! surrounded by three volcanoes, the view is astonishing and stage for the most unforgettable sunsets! It is a place to relax and explore, walk through the lake margins, breaking paths and jump from market to market, shop to shop!

Day 4  | Lake Atitlan:

In the morning, we will do some Yoga (extra), with the volcanoes as a setting or accept my suggestion and walk to Jaibalito, a small village a few kilometers away! Explore another village in the afternoon and take advantage off this opportunity to share conversations with the locals, getting to know more about Guatemalan culture. In the evening, we will take a boat and  return to our hotel, as there are no roads linking populations. The sunset will be, once more, filling our hearts with warm energy!


photo credit to Olga Kot

Day 5  | Lake Atitlan – Chichicastenango – Antigua:

After breakfast, we return to Panajachel and say goodbye to this idyllic landscape! Our next stop is Chichicastenango, a small, quiet and typical town  where 97% of people still speak one of the indigenous language used by the ancient Maya. Many, we will see, do not even speak Spanish. The quiet city comes alive on Thursdays and Sundays, when people come from all over the country for market day which, they say, is the largest in Central America!! During this day we will have the possibility to explore every corner of the Chichicastenango market and still make a visit to the village delicate colonial buildings. Bring money to buy souvenirs, but do not be fooled, bargain your prices!! In the afternoon, we will go back to Antigua to rest for your next challenge.

Day 6 and 7  | Antigua – Acatenango – Antigua:

We will wake up again in the former capital of Guatemala and, after a good breakfast, we set off for the biggest challenge of this journey: to climb the Acatenango Volcano where, upon arrival at the top, we will spend the night! From there, we can enjoy amazing views of the Fuego (Fire) Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the Central America and even in the American Continent! The climb is challenging and hard, it can take you up to six hours getting the, but the good news is that, if you feel you are not able to do it, there is always the possibility of renting a horse in the village (extra)! During the night and after preparing our camping ground, we may have the good fortune watch the Fuego Volcano constant explosions while drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows!

After sleeping a few hours we will wake up earlier than the sun, and climb a little bit more (optional) to see the sunrise! After that we have to start our way down walking (only option), but don’t you worry, because this is a much easier challenge and will only take us half of the time! Getting to Antigua again, we will return to our hotel room and, after a good and warm bath, extend our legs and relax! The rest of the day is on your own and the city you already know: Antigua!



Credit to Andy Shepard

Day 8  | Antigua – Semuc Champey:

After a good night of sleep, we left in the morning to one of the most magical destinations of this country: Semuc Champey. The trip to Semuc is a real adventure, nearly nine hours of travel that awaits you, two or three hours are spent on dirt roads that, say the most imaginative minds, where target of meteor rain! Is it worth going through this whole journey? You shall see! There are places where we you go and you fell disappointed as the pictures are much better than the reality, right? Thats is not the case of Semuc Champey! In addition to the lagoons of a celestial green, this is an area inhabited by the Mayan and this is visible in many easily observable details, as you will see!

Day 9 and 10  | Semuc Champey:

One of these two days we will spend in Semuc Champey, will be for sure to enjoy the most of the green lagoons, but not only: we still have time to visit Semuc caves, which will you take us through the dark with lit candles in our hands (literally), to explore the region walking in thorough jungle in small treks that we can do alone or in groups and still go for tubbing river adventure in Cahabón River (extra). One of the walks to which I invite you to is one that leads us to the most amazing viewpoint of the area! If we’re lucky, we may have the good fortune to even see some monkeys and other wildlife. Will be two days to retain the our memory forever!


Day 11  | Semuc Champey – Flores:

And because we now miss the country’s roads, we will return to them and six hours over we will get to Flores, up in the north! Flores is a small island in the middle of a lake and the capital of Petén region. It is a very beautiful and typical city where everything is on walking distance! The most important reason to stop in this small island is justified by the journey that awaits us the next day! After arrival, we will still have time to visit the Central Square, the Cathedral and, why not, an acrobatic dive into the water in Jorge’s Rope Swing? Let’s do it?

Day 12 and 13  | Flores – Tikal – Guatemala City:

In the afternoon we will leave Flores in direction of Tikal, a short journey compared those we have done in the past days. Because we are getting there in the afternoon, we will be able to enjoy two key moments in this great archaeological park: the sunset on the day of  arrival and the sunrise in the next day!

Tikal was the largest of the Mayan cities and because of its localization, is one of the least visited due to its distance to other major cities. It is without doubt on of the most impressive, not only for its well conserved buildings, but also because every year they discover new hidden monuments under the immense jungle: the city is HUGE! UNESCO included it in the World Heritage list in 1979. Tonight we will camp outside the city, and the next day at dawn, we enter city of Tikal before the sunrise!

After the morning spent wandering through the city, we will for a return to Flowers where another bus awaits to take us to the faraway Guatemala City! We will arrive to our accommodation at night, stopping only to have lunch!


Day 14  | Guatemala City – Flight home:

Today, if you if your flight is in the afternoon, we can still wander though the immense capital of Guatemala. It will be a day to meditate about our experience in this country and to spend our last quetzales! As the time of your flight comes, a shuttle will take you to the airport for you to return home

Thank you for trusting me and I honestly hope that you never forget this experience!!

See you soon!


Price: 1380 €

What’s included?

accommodation | 11 nights in hotels (twin room and / or bedroom 3 or 4 beds) + 2 nights in tents

food | All breakfasts + 1 lunch + 1 dinner

Tours and Activities

Tour in Antigua (in English or Spanish)


Trekking the Acatenango

Mountain guide on the way up the Acatenango(in English or Spanish)

Entrance Semuc Champey and visit to the Caves

My guidance and company in the in 14 days of the experience

All transport in the country in a private van and / or public bus (except personal)

What’s not included?

International flights 

Optional activities (identified as  extra)

Personal expenses

Personal insurance

Transfers to / from Guatemala City airport


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